Khwab Mein Dawwat Dekhna Ki Tabeer

خواب میں دوات دیکھنا

Interpretation of Seeing An Inkpot in Dream

It is a good sign to see an inkpot in your dream. Wisdom and knowledge are the signs of it. King used special ink to send letters to neighboring countries in the olden days, and dreamers were told to be happy if they saw that ink in their dreams because it meant they could be appointed as king's writer. As a result, seeing inkpot these days is a sign

Dawat Dakhina

of intellect and sensibility. See further explanation of your dreams by clicking on the alphabet. There are no errors or omissions in any of the interpretations. A dream when a person sees an inkpot is interpreted as he will live a luxuriated life with a rich woman. When a woman sees an inkpot in the dream, she is going to be pregnant according to the explanation of such a dream.

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