Darya Ya Nahar Ki Daldal Mein Phansna

خواب میں دریایانہرکی دلدل میں پھنسا ہوا دیکھنا

To See Youself Stuck in Swaps of A River

Seeing yourself stuck somewhere in the river indicates that you are in a problem and you will have to deal with suffering and problems. However, according to Islamic Teachings, you should not be disappointed. You should know that the size of your liver isn't so small and that you can overcome any problems with patience. In fact, the believers are in for a great surprise...

Darya Ya Naher Ki Daldal Mian Phansnana

as well as those who are perseverant in facing the problems and make sure they are always grateful to Allah Almighty. Please offer your prayers and make sure that you are doing well. Nothing can compare to the value of noblesse oblige. Don't be conceited, be humble, be a person who is polite and well-mannered. Soon you will see you'll have good dreams, and the interpretation of those dreams will also be best for you. Dreaming a situation where the person find himself caught into the swamp of the river or a watercourse means that he will face difficulties and problems in his life. The person will find hurdles in every matter of his life.

(د) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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