Khwab Mein Darya Par Karna Ki

خواب میں دریاسے پار ہوتے دیکھنا

Khwab Mein Darya Par Karna

You will see relief from fear and worries very soon if you see yourself crossing the river from one side to the other in your dream. According to Islamic teachings, we must also maintain a cool attitude in all situations. Those who are facing difficulties and fears can take this dream as a sign of good luck. Our dreams can also let us know what is happening...

Darya Sa Par Hota Dikhna

to us or what is happening in our lives. Achieving your dream of crossing a river is a success, and you will see yourself overcome problems and fears. Each of us has some fears in our life, and such dreams provide us with some peace and comfort by symbolizing our fears. Your dreams are also explained further in this section. When someone dreams that he or she is crossing the river, he will be stop gaining knowledge according to its interpretation. It also means that the person will be a happy fellow, all his mourns, and sorrows will go away.

(د) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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