Khwab Mein Darwaza Jal Jana Ki Tabeer

خواب میں دراوز کا جل جانا دیکھنا

Islamic Interpretation Seeing That The Door is Burnt in Dream

It indicates high prices to see a door burned in dreams. As this dream shows the effects of the economic crisis, such dreams are bad since they bring the worst outcome to not only the dreamer, but to the country, he lives in as well. In the end, reality is not all dependent on one's dreams; if one is a spiritual person, then the national benefit...

خواب میں دروازے کا جل جانا دیکھنا

دروا زہ خواب میں دیکھنا عورت ہے، اور اگر دیکھے کہ بند دروازے معلوم یا نامعلوم جگہ کے اُس کے سامنے کھلے ہیں۔ راستے کی طرف ہیں۔ دلیل ہےکہ اپنے پاس کے مال کو خرچ کرے گا، اور اگر دیکھے کہ گھر میں اُس کے برابر دروازہ ٹوٹا ہے۔ دلیل ہے کہ مصیبت اور بڑا رنج ہوگا۔

Khwab Mein Darwaza Jal Jana

Darwza khawab mein dekhna orat hai or agar dekha ka band darwaza maylom ya na maylom jagha us ka samna khole hai rasta ke taraf hai daleel hai ka apna pass ka mall ko kharch kara ga or agar dekha ka ka brabar darwaza toota hai daleel hai ka mosebat or bara ranj ho ga.

Darwazy Ka Jal Jana

or danger of one's dream might affect it. You should always pray to Allah for good results. As well as your good dreams, your bad dreams are affected by your behavior. Please do not hurt someone's feelings or disrespect their self-respect. Always enjoy healthy dreams by good behavior with your family. A dream when you see fire has unfavorable results for the person. Similarly, if you have a dream where you see the burning of door reflects that the house will be empty, or you will suffer from any disease or it is evidence of swindling.

(د) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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