Khwab Mein Darwaza K Patton Ka Gir Jana

خواب میں دراوزے کے پٹوں کا گرجانا دیکھنا

To See The Parts of Your Door is Falling in Dream

If you see a door casing fall in a dream, you will first fall ill, then you will recover from your illness. There is some good in it and some bad in it. By calling Allah Almighty for help, you can avoid bad dreams. Allah Almighty has 99 names, and each name corresponds to a specific kind of help from Allah Almighty. There is also a Wazifa you can perform...

Darwaze Kay Pattou Ka Gir Jana

to gain assistance. Dreams are sometimes a glimpse into the future, and no one wants to be shown the worst parts of life. As a result, you can solve your problems and bad dreams by praying and performing your duties. You should always be kind and thankful to others. A dream when you see that the gate or door inputs are falling down and if there are two girls in the dream that are known to the person, the dream reflects that both will die. It is also reflecting that both girls will leave the houses of their husbands.

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