Khwab Mein Dant Pathar Ya Lohe K Dekhna

To See Teeth Made of Stone or Iron in Dream

A dream's tooth according to Islamic Interpretations In Urdu represents life, woman, family, wealth, career, separations, age, clan, boy, girl, death, and trust. The teeth’ dreams are also interpreted as savings. The preacher or teacher will be able to benefit from having one's teeth turn to gold.There is no such thing as exact in this world. You cannot put your whole faith in Allah Almighty until you believe in His Oneness and Divine Power. Everything is in your hands, including power, dignity, and happiness. For this reason, we often recommend our readers to carry out their duties well and pray in an efficacious manner to obtain Allah's assistance.

Dant Pather Ya Lohe Khawa Lakrri Ke Dikhna

Seeing teeth in a dream has different explanations for the person. In a dream, when a person sees different kinds of teeth like stone teeth, metal or wooden teeth is an evidence of death of the person seeing such a dream.

(د) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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