Khwab Mein Dalal Dekhna Ki Tabeer

خواب میں دلال کو دیکھنا

To See A Broker in Dream Tabeer in Islam

In the written Islamic interpretations of Urdu, seeing a broker is not considered a good sign. The meaning of the "Tabeer" of this dream is that the dreamer will be well recognized for his weakness. Another interpretation is that it also represents the marriage broker or pimp. It is interpreted as a death angel in the awakening life if an unknown broker...

Dalal Ko Dikhna

visits someone in their dream. Dreams are neither entirely bad nor completely good in their meanings. We recommend reading the Wazifa to prevent bad dreams. Section 99 Names Of Allah Almighty contains Wazifa that relate to different problems. There are also other interpretations on this website and you can simply click the given alphabets to see them. When a person sees a broker "Dalal" in the dream, it means that a person is going to be born who will guide the dreamer to lead the life following the righteous paths. He will preach the Islamic teachings to the person.

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