Khwab Mein Choti Darhi Dekhna Tabeer

خواب میں چھوٹی ہونا داڑھی کا دیکھنا

To See Short Beard in Dream

A dream where your beard is shortening is a bad sign based on Islamic education. Hazrat Jafar Bin Sadiq once answered a man's question about such a dream, saying that the dreamer would face difficulties and become unpopular among his circle. The dreamer became unpopular among the Arabs after he was accused...

Chotey Hona Darrhi Ka

Khwab Mein Choti Darhi Dekhna

Hazrat ibn e sirin R.A na farmya hai ka khwab main darhi mard ka lea araesh hai or es ke khana dare hai.Agar dekha ka es ke darhi chote ha to gum sa nejat ho ge or agar gumgen ha to bay gum ho ga

خواب میں داڑھی دیکھنے کی تعبیریں :حضرت جعفرصادق رضی اللہ عنہ کے مطابق

حضرت جعفرصادق رضی اللہ عنہ نےفرمایا ہے کہ خواب میں داڑھی کا دیکھنا دس وجہ پرہے۔ اول: خریدوفروخت۔ دوم: عزت اور مرتبہ۔ سوم: بلندرتبہ۔ چہارم: ہیبت۔ پنجم: مروت۔ ششم: نیکی۔ ہفتم:آرام۔ ہشتم: مال۔ نہم: فرزند۔ دہم: بزرگی۔

Khwab Mein Darhi Dekhna ke Tabeer:Hazrat Jafer R.A Ka Motabik

hazart Jafer R.A na farmya hai ka khwab mein darhi ka dekhna dus waja par hai 1 kharde-o-frokht 2. Ezat or matbha 3.Buland rutbha 4.Haybat 5.Marwat 6 Naki 7. Aram 8. Mall 9.Farzand 10.Bzurge

of stealing in a few days. However, he was able to save his hands from punishment with the help of the Almighty. It's only Allah Almighty who can bless you or harm you if you dream the same dream again and again. You cannot be harmed, or favored, by any power or authority on earth. Offer your prayers as well as reading the holy Quran. When someone sees in a dream that his beard is getting shorter, the person will lose his respect and honor in the eyes of the people. Beard is a considered a sign of respect and sagacity in the personality and if it is getting shorter, it is not considered as a good sign.

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