Khwab Mein Chat Ko Girte Dekhna

خواب میں چھت کو اپنے اوپر گرتے دیکھنا

To See Falling Of Roof on You

Nevertheless, a roof falling on you in a dream will cause you harm. The Islamic interpretation of dreaming says it is not a good thing to fall into a dream. In a dream with such a theme, the dreamer is asked to donate food to some needy or find some way to help some less fortunate.Often, it's the result of our bad language,...

Chaht Ko Apne Upar Girte Dikhna

Khwab Mein Chat ko khud Par Gerta Dekhna

Jes na dekha ka chat us par gere hai to daleel hai ka us par azab phoncha ga.kese buzrge sa ranj phoncha ga ya koi buzurg safar sa ghr wapis aya ga۔

our bad behavior, and our misinterpretations of others. Therefore, in Islam, talking bad about someone behind their back, whether in a group or separately, is forbidden. Always be frightened by Allah Almighty. When someone sees in the dream that the roof is falling on him, it is a reflection of getting grieves from an old fellow. Such dream also means that an old man will return home safely from a long journey.

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