Khwab Mein Chand Girhan Ko Dekhna

خواب میں چاند گرہن دیکھنا

To See Moon Eclipse in Dream

An eclipse of the moon in your dream represents your hidden feelings or emotions. The dream is deeply emotional and deep. According to Ibn-e-Sireen's book of interpretations of dreams, "Tabeer of seeing Chaan Girhan" emphasizes the import of emotional status in a dreamer's life.It is possible that a dreamer's following life...

خواب میں چاند گرہن کو دیکھنا

اگر خواب میں دیکھے کہ چاند کو گرہن لگا ہے۔ دلیل ہے کہ وزیر کا حال بد ہوگا اور وہ معزول یا الگ تھلگ ہوگا۔

Chand Girhan Dikhna

is the result of emotional decisions taken in ignorance in the past. Believing in Allah Almighty, keep praying, perform your duties appropriately, and ask Allah to solve your life's riddles. I'm sure everything will work out fine. In Sha Allah Seeing the eclipse in the dream is an indicator for severe situations in the life of the person. It means that there will be dearth of stock under the ownership of the dreamer. It also means an abortion of woman or provisions to be tight or some disaster on the ruler according to the given explanations of seeing the eclipse in the dream.

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