Khwab Mein Barish Dekhna Ya Pani Dekhna

خواب میں بارانِ رحمت ہونا یا دیکھنا

To See Drizzling in Dream

To See Rain Water In Dreams Rain means different things to different people. Dreams like “Barish Ka Paani Dekhna” were interpreted as a relief for farmers and peasants in ancient times. When someone sees their dream at the right time, it is also considered mercy from Allah Almighty. The rain in dreams can also appear as storms....

Barane Rahemat Hona

plagues, hailstones, or locusts if the water in the dreams represents fireballs. It is in our dreams that we are warned or informed of what is coming tomorrow. One example is if one sees clouds covering his house in a dream, but there is no rain, it means he will suffer famine and hardships. It is possible to identify problems through such dreams. Additionally, rain symbolizes life, comfort, happiness, peace, and comfort. Giving favors to a person who is truly in need could also be described as helping someone in need. In the rain, the sight of stones or blood indicates that the people are cursed due to their sins. A cruel ruler might be found in any place where dust is seen in the rain in one’s dream. Authentic sources, such as Ibn-e-Sireen and Islamic scholars, provide these interpretations. For further information we recommend you to click on the given alphabets.When someone sees that it is raining in the dream, it means that the current year will reveal happiness for the people of the country. There will be no scarcity in the country for any material and people will enjoy abundance of food and other resources in the country.

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