Khwab Mein Sir Ya Darhi Per Tail Lagana

خواب میں بال وسروداڑھی میں روغن لگانا یا دیکھنا

To See Applying Oil on Head and Beard in Dream

According to him, oiling the hairs of his head in the dream represents money and longevity. As well as being good, and as well as being bad, oiling the hairs of the head and beard has different meanings. Below you will find Islamic interpretations which have been most frequently reported.

Baal O Sir O Darhi Main Rogan Lagana

The meaning and significance of every dream are unique to you. The fortune-teller translates the money, the power, and the strength of life for you as well. There will be most good news for a girl in the upcoming news in the coming days if she sees it. In dreams, hair color also plays an important role in interpretation. If black appears, it means that you'll make money, grow your business, and bring prosperity into your house. Poor people, seeing such a dream, will borrow people to pay their previous debts to get relief, and they will continue to borrow money to pay their daily expenses. The fighter and warrior who dreams that a bun of hair is on his head will be honored and protected by a high-ranking personality in the coming days. For further interpretations, we encourage you to look at the other given interpretations here on this page. It is essential for you to know each letter of the alphabet.When someone sees oiling his hair of head and beard in the dream and if the oil is fragrant and in sufficient amount, it reflects that, the person will be adorned. If oil is in excess amount as it is spreading on all of his face, it has opposite explanation i.e. it is not a good sign for the person.

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