Khwab Mein Seerhi Charhna Ki Tabeer

خواب میں زینہ یا سیڑھی پر چڑھتے دیکھنا

Interpretation Of Climbing Stairs in Dream

The dream of climbing stairs "Khawab Mein Zeena Ya Seerhi Charhaty Dekhna" has a good tabeer and the person who sees it will be blessed with success and comfort as well. Many interpretations exist, but from the Islamic perspective, a sign out of this dream will lead the dreamer to progress.

> Zenha Par Charna

A high ranking in the military could also contribute to this dream. Ideally, he or she should give his or her sadka as well in order to prevent negative situations and incidents. You can scroll through the pages to learn more about the tabeers of these dreams. Such a dream when the person sees that he is climbing stairs reflects his progress. According to the interpretations given by professionals, such dream also means the higher status of the person among his community and society.

(ز) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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