Zanjeer Garden Mein Dekhna

خواب میں زنجیرگردن میں بندھی دیکھنا

To See A Chain Tightened Around The Neck

A bad dream is to see chains around your neck reading "Khawab Mein Zanjeer Garden Main Bandhi Dekhna". About the dream Tabeer describes, the person will have to face the characterless woman. One of the most important things in a male's life is to deal with or have a relationship...

Zanjeer Garden Main Bandhi Dekhna

with a characterless woman In Islam, such relationships are haram and forbidden. This dream should be paid to Sadka by the dreamer, who should take it as a warning. Your success and comforts are more likely to be enhanced if you are revered by Allah ALmighty. I agree that it is not a good thing, and I encourage you to pray to Allah Almighty for guidance. A person dreaming a situation in which he finds that his neck is bound with a chain; it means that he is going to have a characterless woman in his life and she will make him suffer throughout his life.

(ز) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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