Khwab Mein Wazifa Parhna Ki Tabeer

خواب میں وظیفہ پڑھنا

To Recite A Wazifa in Dream

Reciting Wazifa in Khawab is a good and lucky dream, the dreamer will receive Allah's blessings. In the book of tabeer it describes "Khawab Mein Wazifa Parhna", which has a very beautiful tabeer. The dream that the dreamer will be saved or stay safe from bad or wrongdoings was written by Al-Kirmani and Ibn-E-Sireen.

Wazefa Parhna

Through the spirituality expressed in this dream, the dreamer was led to a good and positive life. It is recommended that the dreamer stays positive and motivated for the noble and avoids bad company and bad friendships at all costs. In dream when you see yourself reciting a wazifa, it supplicates that you are or will be avoiding evil and wrongdoings and preferring good deeds. This sign is very clear in its meaning. Even in real life, reciting in meditation is considered as a good deed and shows a pious side of the personality and the dream shows the same as well.

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