Khwab Mein Islami Waaz Dena

خواب میں وعظ کہنا

To Give Islamic Speech in Dream

Delivering a religious speech in your dream is a good dream, and indeed a prosperous one as well. A good tabeer is stated in Duncan Drewams' interpretation of "Khawab Mein Islamic Waaz Dena". Disbelievers will become believers as the dreamer changes or converts them. It is indeed a good dream, and you should thank Allah Almighty ...

Waze Khena Khawab Main

for it with a sadka. Those who follow the Islamic system, and those who preach Islam in a very beautiful manner, are loved by Allah Almighty. In Allah Almighty, there is no good or bad for you except for Allah Almighty. In dream, addressing is the evidence of correcting other people. The people who are living with characterless and lustfully behavior in a way regarded as distasteful. You try to tell these people about the correction of behavior and attitude for living in a society peacefully. The person who sees such kind of dreams wants to correct people and has good feelings for humanity.

(و) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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