Khwab Mein Talwar Dekhna in Urdu Tabeer

خواب میں تلواردیکھنا

To See A Sword in Dream

When we dream about a sword or “Khawab Mein Talwar Dekhna”, it represents a clan, son, tribe, property, farm, or woman. Swords can be interpreted as power or words. If spoken, they mean diligence, and when they are interpreted as power, they mean perseverance. Listeners will be able to feel the impact of the speech directly.

خواب میں تلوار دیکھنا

حضرت دانیال رحمتہ اللہ علیہ نے فرمایا ہے کہ تلوار میان میں عورت ہے اور بغیرمیان کے مال اور مراد اور حکومت ہےاگردیکھے کہ اس کےہاتھ میں تلوار ہے دلیل ہے کہ اس کے ہاں لڑکا پیدا ہوگا اور اگردیکھے تلوار میان سے باہرہے تو بھی یہی تاویل ہے اور اگردیکھے کہ تلوار میان میں ہے اور میان ٹوٹ گیاہےاور تلوار سلامت ہے دلیل ہےکہ فرزند سلامت رہے گا اور اس کی ماں مرےگی ۔

Khwab Mein Talwar Dekhna

Hazrat Daniyl A.S na farmya hai ka talwar mayan main orat hai or bagir mayan ka mall or murad or hakomat hai agar dekha ka es ka hath main talwar hai daleel hai ka eska hnn larka pada ho ga or agar dekha ka talwar mayan sa bahir hai to bhe yahe tawel hai.

Talwar Dekhna

The one who observes this kind of dream is considered to be a descendant of brave or warlike ancestors. Some additional interpretations are provided below. Seeing A Heavy Sword In A Dream As long as the dreamer keeps striving for maintaining your responsibility, you will gain the power and reward too. If you see the dreamer drag a heavy weighing sword, this can be interpreted as a difficult appointment. Read on to find out more from the Islamic book written by Ibn-e-Sireen. Seeing A Brass Sword In A Dream If one sees a brass sword in a dream, it means they will have a rich son. The born baby will be the son, no matter if the dream is seen by the poor or the rich, and he will have the guts to face his problems alone. He will be brave and sharp as a sword. When someone sees a sword in the dream, it has different explanations for different individuals. If a woman sees a sword, she will have good children. If a person who has a business sees a sword, it is a sign of growth according to given explanations by the dream interpreters.

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