Khwab Mein Apne Shohar Ka Libas Pehnna

خواب میں شوہر کا لباس عورت کا پہنا نا

To Wear The Dress of Your Husband in Dream

"Kahwab Mein Apne Shohar Ka Libas Pehny Huy Dekhna" is a good and indeed a fortune one dreams of seeing yourself wearing your husband's wedding dress. It is interpreted that the female who has this dream is lucky and noble. This dream is very beautiful according to the Islamic tabeers, which express the...

Sohar Ka Libas Orat Ka Pehnana

woman's worth and her good character as well. A woman who dreams of this will have the love of her husband, as well as spirituality and nobility. As well as being faithful, this dream is extremely vivid. Sadka should be given to the female so she will have more good, blessed dreams. Click on the given letters of the alphabet for more information about your other dreams. A dream when a woman sees that she is wearing the dress of her husband, it is a fortune for her. According to the interpretations of such dream, the woman will become righteous and good but such a dream is not good for a man.

(ش) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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