Sharab Ki Nehar Bagh Me Dekhna

خواب میں شراب کی نہرباغ میں جاری دیکھنا

To See A Stream of Wine in Garden in Dream

Khawab Mein Sharab Ki Neher Bagh Mein Dekhna, a dream in which streams of wine flow, is an auspicious dream. The given tabeers in regard to this dream state that the dreamer will be blessed with paradise. Whatever is in your fate will be yours, whether it be paradise or hell. Illustrating the limits set by Allah Almighty...

Sharab Ki Naher Bagh Main Jari Dekhna

for his creatures, Ilsma asserts that Allah Almighty has set the limits. In the world to come, the person who does good deeds and has good thoughts will enter into paradise, and the person who does bad deeds or has bad behavior in the world to come will enter hell. Those who go to hell will be in the worst place, while those who go to paradise will receive a great reward. Another very good dream when the person see wine stream that is continued in a garden. According to interpretations of such dream, the person will go to heaven that is the big fortune of his life.

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