Khwab Mein Sherni Ka Doosh Pina

خواب میں شیرنی کا دودھ پینا

To Drink Milk of A Lioness in Dream

The dream of seeing or drinking the milk of a lioness in "Khawab Mein Sherni Ka Dhoodh Pina" is a very fortunate one. These scholars believe that this dream represents both success and victory, as it is often considered an act of bravery both to dream of and to drink the milk of a lioness. The website contains a wealth...

Shereni Ka Doodh Pina

of information on dreams and their meanings, as well as tabeers of countless dreams. All tabeers are authentic and taken from scholarly books written by Muslim scholars. Before you check your “Kahwab Ki Tabeer" here, keep in mind that only Allah Almighty has the power to bless his people and to decide what is to be given or taken. So do not be disappointed in the bad tabeers and keep thanking Allah Almighty to have more blessings. Indeed Allah hears all and everyone. Dreaming a situation in which you see yourself drinking the milk of a lioness reveals your domination. According to the interpretation of such a dream, you will defeat your enemy. Sometimes it is interpreted as you will get livelihood, or there will be a lot of blessings in your house.

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