Khwab Mein Tail Lagana Sir Pr

خواب میں روغن سرپر ملنا یا دیکھنا

To Apply Natural Oil on Head in Dream

The experience of massaging oil on your head "Khawab Mein Tail Lagana" could be a good dream as well as a bad dream. According to the quantity of oil, goodness and badness are determined. In case if the quantity of used oil in the dream is greater than what is expected, then the dream has a horror theme.

Roghan Sir Par Malna Dekhna

If the quantity is the same as the expected amount, then the dream is considered prosperous. A dreamer should read the wazifas situated in "99 Names Of Allah Almighty" along with the sadka for this dream. Having a dream in which you find that you have some natural oil on your head, is interpreted according to the amount of oil that is on the head. If the amount of oil is in a balance and it is not in excess of what should be on your head, it is a sign that all your actions and endeavors will bring about success and glory to you. If the amount of oil is less than what should be there, it is a negative sign and is considered as a sign of coming anxiety, sorrows and mourning to the person.

(ر) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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