Khwab Mein Rasi Dekhna Kaisa Hai

خواب میں رسی دیکھنا

To See A Rope in Dream

In dream "Khawab Mein Rassi Dekhna," the rope is seen as a spiritual symbol. There is a religious aspect to the tabeer about this khawab. The dreamer will receive knowledge of the deen or Islam according to the Islamic Tabeers. A knowledge of religion is one of the greatest blessings from Allah Almighty and it is hard to overlook its importance.

Rasi Dekhna

As well as our tabeers for other dreams, we've updated the tabeers to reflect the factual and analyzed data. It is important to note that all of the tables on this page have been well researched. Dreaming a situation in which the person finds that he has seen a rope, it is interpreted as the person will follow the Islamic teachings and live his life on right paths. He will also preach Islamic teachings to other people according to explanation of such a dream.

(ر) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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