Khwab Mein Suraj Girhan Dekhna

خواب میں سورج کو گہن میں دیکھنا

To See Sun Eclipsed in Dream

There is no good tabeer in the dream "Kahwab Mein Suraj Girhan Dekhna" regarding seeing the solar eclipse. In the Islamic interpretation, the dream has an absolutely horrible tabeer associated with it. If he gets a dream that his parents are kissing, then he will know his parents are going to die.

Soraj Ko Gehan Main Dekhna

This is the most profound loss anyone can endure in their lifetime and it is our duty to pray to Allah Almighty that we will not lose our parents. The most important thing an individual needs is the support of their parents. We have been rescued from the worst of outcomes due to our parents' prayers. Allah Almighty bestows the greatest blessing upon the children in having parents home. It is almost impossible for the house and family to be completed without their participation. Your parents are to be blessed with a long life by Allah, and may you have the true spirit of serving them in the best way possible. When you see an eclipsed sun in a dream, it is not a good indicator for you. such a dream means that you are going to lose your parents. The dream reflects their death according to its interpretation.

(س) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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