Khwab Mein Shalwar Dekhna Tabeer in Urdu

خواب میں پانیجامہ دیکھنا

To See A Trouser in Dream

When you dream of pants or trousers, you are reflecting your finances and personality. It indicates a person who coordinates his affairs carefully so as not to let the disruption have a negative impact on his relationship with his spouse. Also reflected by this dream is compassion and mercy, where the person will say sorry...

Piyaba Dekhna

if he has made a mistake to his beloved. A dream emphasizes many aspects of a person's character. Additionally, there are other interpretations given in the following. Learn more about big dreams by reading on. Wearing A New Pair OF Pants In Dream You get a new job when you get a new pair of pants in a dream. It could be the turning point in your business if you already have one. Your dream will also allow the things in your life to be prosperous. Thus, it is interpreted as a deity of luck and prosperity. You'll be the best in your field if you're already employed. Having good results is a good dream for the student. In this dream, the career is represented. This type of dream represents one's finances. In dreams, you can see different colors of clothing and these dreams can change depending on the color of your clothing. When someone sees trouser cuff in dream, it reflects that there will be abundance of earnings for the person in that year. If the trouser cuffs are torn in dream, it reveals anxiety for the person.

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