Khwab Mein Parinda Dekhna Ki Tabeer

خواب میں پروندوں کادیکھنا

To See Birds in Dream

The dream of a flock of birds represents wealth and power in Islam, and especially for those who tend or care for them. In Islam, dreams in which birds fly above the head indicate one's desire for power and authority. If one sees birds flying inside his house in a dream in Islam, it means angels are with him.

Parindo Ka Dikhna

When a dream of one's bird is beautiful, it symbolizes that his work is of high quality. It may also mean that one is receiving good news from a messenger if he or she is carrying an ugly-looking bird. Angry Birds in dreams are associated with profits in Islam. Dreaming of black-colored birds depicts bad deeds, whereas dreaming of white-colored birds represents good deeds. Colored birds in a dream symbolize mixed actions in Islam. As well as honor and power, a dream of seeing a bird can mean ornaments, authority, or profit in Islam. It is also a symbol of fun and entertainment in dreams. When a bird appears in a dream, it represents a boy. For further Interpretations of your dreams, you can visit other alphabets. When someone sees birds in a dream, it is a good sign for the person. The person will be respected and he will have a great fame in his life. To see birds in a dream reveal good results that will immensely favor the person.

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