Khwab Mein Pani Say Kunwan Khali Ho Jana

خواب میں پانی سے کنو اں خالی ہوجانا

To See An Empty Well in Dream

In dreams, one sees a dried well as a symbol of a sense of emptiness within oneself. It may seem that you are successful at work, but you are not satisfied still there is an emptiness within you. There is often a feeling that your life has no purpose or that you have no idea what the future holds.Such dreams are most often seen...

Pani Say Knowa Khali Ho Jana

by those who have lost all hope. Do not be concerned, just read as much of Allah's name as you can. Our website has all the problems discussed in detail so you can fill this void by reading the Wazifas there. As it is forbidden, don't lose hope, but always put your trust in Allah Almighty. As Allah has the power to turn any situation to his benefit, he will be able to provide for you as he holds the power over all things. Those living beings are all dependent on him. He can make changes to the universe for what he wants, but in order to feed the creatures of the universe, he has made a promise that promises that all living beings will never go hungry until they do not die. Visit other alphabets for a look at other dreams that describe interpretations. When someone sees dried well in a dream, it does not reveal good results for the person. It means that the person will face scarcity of financial resources in his life. The dream also reflects that he will have many hardships and grieves in his life.

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