Kunway Se Pani Darakhton Ko dena

خواب میں پانی کنوئیں سے نکال کردرخت کو لگانا

To Draw Out Of Well and Water The Treesin Dream

You'll have orphans to raise by draining the water from the well in a dream, a blessed dream indeed. It might also mean that the dreamer is kind-hearted and shows sympathy towards needy and poor people. In the context of business, the dreamer will circulate money and benefit other people.

Pani Konway Say Nikal Kar Darkht Main Dina

Several other dreams regarding water are given below. A number of factors determine each interpretation, including color, river, ocean, pool, etc. Seeing A Canal In Dream The one who sees a canal in a dream is lucky to have such a dream. The dreamer will have a son if the ferrule is found in the canal, but if there is not a ferrule, the dreamer will have a daughter. Money, fortune, and prosperity are also associated with canals. An individual who sees a running canal might be about to get married, start a business, or find employment. Water canals in a dream also represent servants, housekeepers, and maids. Among other things, water canals are also marketplaces, shops, bathrooms, and savages. Dig canals mean supporting family or dependents, thus regarded as a blessing. For more interpretations kindly visit the other alphabets as well. When someone sees in a dream that he is drawing water from a well and watering the trees, it means that he will be given the custody of orphans. It is also a sign of blessings for him because custody of orphans is the biggest blessing from Allah.

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