Khwab Mein Purane Kapde Dekhna ya Pehna

خواب میں پرانا کپڑا پہنتےدیکھنا

To See Old Clothes in Dream

Dreaming that old clothes are on your body indicates financial hardship and misery. The dream also conjures up feelings of hardship and worry. If one sees such dreams in life, there is a possibility of experiencing extreme pain and suffering. The only way to prevent these incidents is to recite or make wazifa in Allah's name.

pehnaneny kay Kapare Purane Dikhna

If you want to learn the wazifa or how to perform it, you should study section 99 given on our website. Meanings For Seeing White Cloths in Dream An individual's inner world is described by this term. It is said that the colors of a person's clothes represent their self-esteem and future opportunities. In a meeting or in a pleasant environment, white is the dominant color. Good events are also indicated by white color. Meanings For Seeing Black Cloths in Dream Dreamers should prepare themselves for unpleasant experiences. To the dreamer, this dream is not advantageous. Rather than focusing on his dealings with people, deamer should concentrate on his dealings with himself. Meanings For Seeing Red Cloths in Dream Dreams of this kind are marked by a sudden passion. A red color symbolizes the appearance of spirits. Whenever red appears in a dream, the dreamer is likely to meet their favorite person. It is considered one of the lucky dreams. When someone sees himself or herself wearing old clothes in dream it means that the person will suffer from financial resources. He will be a poor person in the near future according to given explanations by scholars for such dreams.

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