Khwab Mein Nalain Pehnna ya Daikhna

خواب میں نعلین پہننا

To Wear Shoes in Dream Interpretation in Islam

When you dream of simple washrooms, you are calling of problems, troubles, sufferings, and when you walk through washrooms, you are walking through problems and worries. In addition to the interpretations above, there are many others given below that are also about bathrooms in dreams.

Khwab Mein Nalain Dekhna

Washing A Bathroom In Dream Dreaming about washing a bathroom means happiness and joy. It is a good dream if the water is lukewarm and not a good dream if the water is hot. Becoming A Washroom Attendant In Dream The dream of becoming a washroom attendant signifies an upcoming marriage with a beautiful woman. However, if the woman is destined to become a washroom attendant, then it means that she will be responsible for her affairs and will promote her interests. Drinking hot water in the washroom In Dream In a dream, if one drinks hot water, he will be indulged in fever and maybe a warm disease. The dreamer will suffer from misery, difficulties, problems, and worry if hot water enters his washroom. You can avoid such bad dreams as well by reading the name of Allah Almighty. Those who read the names of Allah Almighty are blessed by him. Select a Wazifa from section 99 and begin practising it immediately. When someone sees himself putting shoes in dream, he will marry a beautiful woman. If he takes off shoes in dream, he will divorce his wife. Putting shoes in dream reveal good explanation and taking off has a reverse explanation.

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