Khwab Mein Pahar Par Charna Ki Tabeer

خواب میں پہاڑ پر چڑھنا

To See Oneself Climbing a Mountain in Dream

Climbing up a mountain signifies a high rank. In addition to the financial gain, there might also be social advancement. As a result, you could lose your ranking or profits in your business if you see you are descending mountains. In the following section, you will also find many other interpretations.

Paharr Par Charna

Climbing Up A Mountain With Difficulty In Dream Dreamers who see themselves climbing up a mountain with difficulty will die young if the mountain is erected enough so that they cannot advance or retreat. A bad dream indeed. The walking life can be avoided by giving Sadka. Sadka is very helpful during hard times and is also recommended by Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. Carrying A Mountain In Dream Persons who dream of such a dream bear high responsibility. You may be responsible for every aspect of the business, so you'll be asked to carry it. There will be a great deal of care and guidance as well. Allah will help you in times of trouble and hardship if you keep reading his name. Names and related wazifas are given in the section 99 names of Allah Almighty for you. When someone sees himself or herself climbing a mountain in dream, it means that he or she will get a lot of wealth in near future. The explanation also reflects that the person will be appointed at any high post and will be respected among his community.

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