Khwab Mein Murda Ko Salam Karna

خواب میں مردے سے سلام کرنا

To Say Hello To A Deceased in Dream

It is of great meaning and prosperity to see yourself in a dream offering salam to a deceased individual. In the tabeers of the Khwab it is written that someone who sees themselves greeting a dead person will have many desires and wishes that come true. This dream also highlights the spiritual and religious...

Murdey Sey Salam Karna

value of the person who is seeing it. Dreams are impossible to imagine so all dreams contain a surprising amount of information that is only able to be understood by the intellectual group. These interpretations have been culled from the works of Ibn-Sireen and Al-Kirmani. This dream is good in which you see that you are saying welcome to dead body. It is a sign of fine situation which means your desires will be fulfilled and the things will be done about which you are very hopeful. If you see this dream you will get good news about your work.

(م) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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