Khwab Mein Murda Ko Nahate Dekhna

خواب میں مردے کو نہاتے دیکھنا

To See A Dead Person Taking Bath

Dreaming of seeing a dead person in your dream bathing is indeed a good and religious dream. When you help a person understand and follow Islam's path, you will see how useful you are. This way you will be able to learn about the good and noble deeds through the sharing of Islamic information.

Murdey Ko Nahtey Dekhna

Among all other deeds, this is the most blessed. As well as the benefits, you will receive them. Your dream implies that you will assist someone in solving the major riddles in their lives. You will gain popularity by helping others in this way. On this website, you can see the interpretations of your other dreams, so you can see what they reveal about you. If you see dead body taking bath in your dream then its mean that you will correct some body who is misleader in believing God. It’s a good sign which shows that you will do act which would be right and you will also preach others to do right things in life.

(م) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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