Khwab Mein Mimbar Pr Charhna

خواب میں ممبر پر چڑھنا

To Transcend on Pulpit in Dream

Ascending onto a pulpit means that you will gain a high degree in your real life, and the tabeer of this dream also indicates that the dreamer will see himself or one of his relatives achieve a high degree. Respect and honor are at the center of this dream. This honor will be given to the person who is seeing the dream.

Membar Par Charna

We have taken all the dreams on this website from the works of Ibrahim Kiramani, Ibn-e-Sireen, and other well-known authors. Many of your dreams contain information about the important events of your life and about your life in general. This website allows you to view your khwab's tabeer.In the dream if you are climbing on pulpit means that in future your status will be high. It can also be possible that one of your relatives will grow to achieve the high status. This is a good sign which shows the progress and development in your career.

(م) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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