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خواب میں مبرپر خطبہ پڑھتے دیکھنا

To Give Speech on A Pulpit in Dream

In my opinion, transcending on a podium or within the mosque is a lucky dream given that seeing a vision of the mosque means getting honor and fame. A person may also dream that his relatives are in a good state of health. The dream relates to the person's happiness and pleasure. In this website the dreamer can find their ...

Membar Par Khutba Parhtey Dekhna

interpretation and learn why a khwab like this is considered fortunate. Allah Almighty deserves all of your gratitude for granting you this blessing. You can also read other dreams here and explore different Wazifas. For this purpose, you can click on the 99 Names Of Allah ALmighty.In your dream if you are speaking on pulpit to many people is a good sign. It means that your status will be very good and people will consider you an honorable person. They will listen you carefully and believe your arguments valid or true. This will make you a admirable person.

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