Khwab Mein Murda Ka Sawal Karna

خواب میں میت سے سوال کرنا اور اس کا جواب دینا

To See A Dead Person Asks Something in Dream

It is a good dream to see a dead person answering your question, according to Al-Kimrani's tabeers. As the dead are reached into another world in which nothing is hidden, it is shown that the dream contains the right information and that the dead can speak. The chance that you ...

Mayat Sey Sawal Karna Aur Us Ka Jawab Dena

have seen this dream is very high since.In such kind of dreams in which you question the dead body and in reply which dead body will say can be possible and happened. It can be any answer, good or bad depends upon your question but this will come true because dead body is the part of eternal world where there is nothing fake. dreams like this are not seen by everyone. If you are a strong soul, it is very likely you have seen this dream. In order to better your situation as well as the conditions of others that you have seen in your dreams, you should follow the true teachings of Islam and pray to Allah Almighty.

(م) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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