Khwab Mein Murde Ki Halat Dekhna

خواب میں میت کی حالیت کا دیکھنا

To See The Condition of The Dead in Dream

As described in the written scriptures, the condition of the dead you see in your dreams is determined by the condition you see in your dreams. Dead human beings in godly condition or clothed in white cloths in dreams have prospered and have wonderful tabeer. According to the ancient Chinese, if the dead one is found...

Mayat Ki Halat Ka Dekhna

alive and in good health, he is safe in his grave. Those who dream of the dead in the grave's bad or worst state are not considered good dreams since they signify the person is in a dangerous situation and buried with sorrow. The dead should be prayed for. In addition to reciting Quran E Pak, you can perform good deeds and pray for forgiveness for the dead. In dream if you see the dead body happy and in white and green dress, it means that your future will be joyful and this is the sign of correction. You are correct about your decisions. But if you see dead body sad and naked then it is the sign of wrong. Anything most terrible can happen in the future.

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