Khwab Mein Aina Dekhna Ki Tabeer

خواب میں مراۃیعنی آئنیہ دیکھنا

To See A Mirror in Dream

A mirror dream is a symbol of the dreamer having a son, either because she is pregnant or because she sees a man in her dream. A baby born to a mother or a father has the same appearance as their mother or father. High chances exist that the dreamer will give birth to a noble child.It is all up to you now to make the right choices ....

Marat Yani Ayina Dekhna

and you'll see the results in your life. Helping people in their needs will turn them into happy people who will pray for you, so the more you help them, the more you will receive blessings. Please click on any of the given letters to read the other interpretations and you will be taken to a detailed analysis of your dream. You can always see that the results will be in front of your eyes if you put your trust in Allah Almighty alone. It is a good sign if you see mirror in your dream. It means there is possibility of birth of male child if the dreamer is man and if the dreamer is woman then there is chance of female birth. In both cases, your children will respect you and do care about you. Your wishes will be done if you will see this dream.

(م) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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