Chand Ka Girhan Dekhna

خواب میں چاند کا گرہن دیکھنا

To See Moon Eclipse in Dream

Dreaming of an eclipse of the moon or of the moon covered with dirt is considered a bad khwab since it predicts problems for the dreamer in future days. We suffer almost every day of our lives. Those who are patient and believe in Allah Almighty's instructions can gain a great reward, so keep connected with Allah Almighty so you don't get worried.

Mahtab Ko Gahen Laga Howa Ya Gardo Ghubar Sey Dhaka Dekhna

The Holy Quran should be read and the Sunnah should be followed to the fullest extent. You can see interpretations for other dreams as well. The Islamic ways will lead you to prosper, and you will be able to live your life more comfortably.If you see eclipse in you dream then its mean that you will face damage. This damage can be mental, physical or moral. It is a sign of harm. You will be harmed by some one in future. You must be aware of others who can harm you. It is also possibility that this can be financial damage.

(م) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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