Khwab Mein Janwar Ka Maghaz Dekhna Ya Khana

خواب میں مغز انسان یا حیوان کا کھانا یا دیکھنا

To Eat or See Cooked Brain of Animal in Dream

You shouldn't be eating the brains of humans or animals as this is thought to mean that you will undergo hardships and stress in the upcoming years. A dream like this is not typically associated with a good tabeer. To avoid such nightmares, you should interact politely with your parents and elders. The way you behave...

Maghaz Insan Ya Hewan Ka Khana

is reflected in your dreams. Good and beautiful dreams can be had by innocent people. Changing yourself in accordance with Allah Almighty's wish will allow you to see happiness and prosperity as well in your dreams. In accordance with Allah Almighty's instruction, he said one who puts himself into obedience to Allah Almighty's instructions will receive whatever he wishes.It is not good sign. If you see that you are eating brain of human or animal then its mean you are earning illegal money. You are not going on right path. You are spending your life with the money of others which is not lawful. You have earned through illegal acts which is against the humanity.

(م) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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