Khwab Mein Lohe ki Angoothi Dekhna Tabeer

خواب میں لوہے کی انگوٹھی دیکھنا

To See Ring of Iron Dream

If you see an iron ring in your dream, you will perceive an increase in your esteem. It is a good dream to dream of Khawab Mein Lohe Ki Angoothi Dekhna. It has a good sign for the dreamer, and it is well known in the chapters of Khawab that the person who sees this in a dream will achieve the highest level of...

Lohey Ki Anghoyhi Dekhna

honor among his friends and circle. If you wish to learn more about your dream, simply click on the letters provided. Ibn-e-Sireen was an authentic scholar who wrote a book about dreams. This book continues to be used as a means to interpret dreams. This book has also been used to elaborate on the meaning of dreams. This is a very good sign if you see the iron ring in your dream. It means that your esteem level is increasing. People will like you and admire you in future due to you good acts and ultimately your esteem level will be increased. All this change will provide you maximum peace and you will feel good.

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