Khwab Mein Lehsan Khareedna Ki Urdu Tabeer

خواب میں لہسن خواہ پیاز ملنا یا خریدنا

To Buy Garlic in Dream in Islam

According to Islamic scholars, a dream in which you buy garlic is not a good dream. Seeing yourself purchasing garlic is an indication of being absorbed into one's work. If the boss or master is so rude as to make it impossible for the dreamer to continue his job, then the job will be difficult for the dreamer.

Lehesan Khawa Peyase Milna Kharidna

There is no one else who can help you with what you want and what you desire, except Allah Almighty. Having been blessed by Allah Almighty, you're already enjoying many good things. Being thankful for the things you have already got is important. By clicking on the letters of the alphabet, you can view more explanations. The experience will be beneficial for you. Following good things is essential. In this way, you will have more good dreams and you will receive good interpretations as well. If you see in dream that you are finding or buying garlic and onion, it means that you will do work for some rich person who can humiliate you and this can happen many times. You have to control this by showing good attitude and behavior.

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