Khwab Mein Libas Laal Pehna Dekhna Ki Urdu Tabeer

خواب میں لباس سرخ پہننایا دیکھنا

To Wear Red Dress in Dream

Seeing himself wearing red clothes in a dream "Khawab Mein Laal Libas Pehna Dekhna" is a good and a noble dream. Taber about this dream says that the dreamer will see himself taking part in good and noble tasks. Peace is also symbolized in this dream. It is also possible to interpret this khawab as the...

Lebase Kurkh Pehnana

individual seeing himself as a martyr. A martyrdom is, in fact, the greatest and the most prestigious title one can attain. It is Allah Almighty who loves the person who dies a martyr's death. Prayer for good from Allah is always a good practice. Allah Almighty teaches the right thing to humans, and he shows the right path to whom he wills. It is a good sign. If you wear red dress in your dream then it means that you will be well known in society. Every one will respect you. There is also possibility that you will be known as a martyr. You will be respected for your good qualities. This will make your life happy.

(م) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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