Khwab Mein Khoobsoorat Larka Dekhna Ki Tabeer

خواب میں لڑکے خوبرو (خوبصورت)کودیکھنا

To See A Beautiful Boy in Dream

The joy of seeing a handsome boy "Khawab Mein Khoobsurat Larka Dekhna" can't be described in words. A dream in which the dreamer has good news very soon is the meaning of this dream. It is indeed a good and prosperous dream. There are two to three factors that determine how a dream is interpreted.

Larkey Ko Khobro Ko dekhna

A person's soul or spirit is the primary contributing factor. It's not easy meeting realistic expectations with the dream and the good-hearted always have a good perspective and a good guide along the way. If you would like to see more about other dreams, you may view the table given above, which contains the detail about each dream.

(م) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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