Khwab Mein Khachar Ka Gosht Khana (Tabeer)

خواب میں خچرکا گوشت کھانا

To Eat Meat of A Mule in Dream

A dream in which you eat your own flesh in a mule is a bad dream, and it means you will have the wealth of a characterless woman. It will be her money, but you will waste it whether you intend to or don't intend to. As well as wasting money, wasting time is considered a curse. It's often only when you start wasting...

خواب میں خچر کا گوشت کھانا

خواب میں خچر کا گوشت اور پوست مال و دولت ہے اور بعض تعبیر بیان کرنے والے کہتے ہیں کہ خچر کا گوشت بیماری ہے اور اگر خواب میں دیکھے کہ خچر کا دودھ پیتا ہے تو شیر کے انداز ے کے مطابق خوف اور ڈر اور دشواری کی دلیل ہے۔ حضرت جعفر صادق رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ نے فرمایا ہے کہ خواب میں خچر کا دیکھنا پانچ وجہ پر ہے اول ،سفر ۔دوم ، درازی عمر ۔ سوم ، دشمن پر فتح مندی ، چہارم ، جمال و آرائش۔ پنجم، مراد حمق ۔ مادہ خچر بانجھ عورت اور استر کا بچہ منفعت اور مراد کا پانا ہے۔

Khachar Ka Gushat Khana

money in an improper or forbidden way that all the sins come out. When a person does not take care of his earned money, he is subjected to curses and hardships. Sadka or this whole lot is forgiving to Allah Almighty as an act of worship and as an effect of praying for the halal rizk. In the same way that you were forgiven by Ghafoor and given the most of what you needed, he will surely do the same for you. The meats of some animals are legally forbidden in Islam and mule is one of them. If anyone dreams that he has eaten the meat of a mule, it will reflect towards getting the wealth from a woman who is not honest and her wealth has not been earned from the legal sources. Such a wealth will be spent on unnecessary activities.

(خ) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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