Khwab Me Khachar ki Sawari Karna

خواب میں خچرغیر پر سوار ہوتے دیکھنا

Interpretation of Riding A Mule in Dream

The fact that you are riding a mule that does not belong to you means that you are going to commit adultery with the wife of that mule's master. As a Muslim, this type of behavior is forbidden. This is a sin and should be avoided. There is a dream described in Tabeer called "Khawab Mein Khachar Ki Sawari Karna".

Khachar Ghair Par Sawar Hote Dekhna

Khwab Me Khachar ki Sawari Karna

Kese na dekha ka wo safeyd peshane or safeyd pao wala khachar par sawar ho kar kebla ke traf chla hai to ya shba khwab ka hajj krna ke traf eshra hai.Agar kebla ka elwa kese dosre semt chla to ya sharf ka sath safar krna ke daleel hai.Khachar par swar tawel omar or banjh orat sa nekha krna ke daleel hai.

Dreams do not always contain bad meanings and are not always positive in their contexts. I always encourage you to pray to Allah Almighty for everything good that will befall you in the future. The Almighty has the power to hear all, and he provides his worthy creatures with wonderful rewards and peace. The following letters of the alphabet provide further information about dreams. Click any of the letters for further information. To see riding a mule that is not your ownership in Dream People often see different animals in the dream. Such dreams have different interpretations for each kind of animals. When you see yourself riding a mule that is not your ownership, it means that you will deceive the wife of owner of that mule.

(خ) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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