Khwab Mein Koyla Dekhna

خواب میں کوئلہ دیکھنا

To See Coal in Dream

A coal-filled dream implies hardships, difficulties, and increasing sins, and it is not a pleasant one. According to the Tabeers of Khawabs, coal is not considered good. However, it is true. It may sound strange or hard to comprehend at first. It can also be found in Urdu along with the explanation. The dream has been interpreted...

Koyla Dekhna

by great scholars as a nightmare and a bad dream. Sadka and khairat are recommended to help you have good dreams. As well as bad dreams, there are also good dreams on the list. Our website's content has been updated so you can more easily view the dreams' interpretations. A number of interpretations from authentic Islamic scholars' books accompany each alphabet. As well as asking about your dream, you can leave a comment. Eventually, we'll contact you and we'll tell you about your dream, too. Here on this website, you can also find solutions to your problem using Islamic methods.Whenever you see carbon in the dream, it is reflection of your defame in the society. Such a dream is also interpreted, as you will face troubles and big problems in your life.

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