Khwab Mein Kohkaf Ki Sair Karna

خواب میں کوہ قاف کی سیرکرنا

To visit on Kohkaf in Dream

Dreaming about Koh e Kaaf is considered a blessing in Islam, as written by Ibn-e-Sireen and Kirmani. As a result of this dream, the person who is seeing it might be appointed to a high government position or even become king. The result of this dream is rulership and kingship. It is important for you to be pious and polite to those...

Koh Qafe Ki Sair Karna

you want to rule, and to thank Allah Almighty for this marvelous dream. If there are problems in your city, village, or country, you should take action to solve them. This will be beneficial to you as well. If someone visits to Caucasian mountains in the dream, it is very good for him. According to the interpretation of the dream, the person will be blessed with rule or kingdom of a specific community.

(ق) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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