Khwab Mein Katib Dekhna Ki Tabeer

خواب میں کاتب کا دیکھنا

Interpretation of Seeing a Writer In A Dream

When you dream about a penman, it's a sign. It is possible for a dreamer to get benefit from seeing writers and also from reading Islamic books. It is also possible that he will be selected for the office. Furthermore, there are excellent chances

Katib Ka dekhna

for dreamers to receive a bonus or appointment at their current workplace. You should be thankful to Allah Almighty. Prayer is the only thing that will lead you closer to realizing your dreams as it is the only thing that can help you to fulfill them. I encourage you to continue reading these interpretations. We have also updated the list with new and authentic Tabeers in Urdu.Seeing a writer in a dream refers to a person being a member of a clerical staff of being an assistant to someone. This dream might also be a sign of getting a job or a job promotion. For those who have applied for a similar job or have an accounts related job, when see this dream, have an indication of getting the job.

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