Khwab Mein Surkh ya Lal Jhanda Dekhna

خواب میں جھنڈ سرُخ دیکھنا

To See A Red Flag In Dream Islamic Interpretation

When someone sees red flag in the dream, it means that the person will become famous and a large community will be known of his name. Such dream is also interpreted, as the person will live a happy life. It symbolizes the woman who is evil in a dream. The blue flag represents scholars, government...

Jhanda Surkh

Khwab Mein Lal Jhanda dekhna

khwab mein surkh jhanda koi mashor kam sa tabeer data hai asa he badshat wagra sa bhe asa he alim,bhadur,zahen,sakhi or taktwar galib rahnma sa bhe tabeer hota hai.agr jhanda surkh ho to wo es mosof admi sa kushiya paya ga.

officials, or famous personalities while the color yellow represents celebrations, a new beginning, or something more exciting. According to Islamic Urdu interpretation, dreams containing flags are good and represent scholars, governors, and government officials. You may lose your job or be terminated from your job if you see someone removing your flag in your dream. When one sees his flag in a dream, it does not help one's career. On our website, you can find many more interpretations of dreams

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