Khawabon Me Surkh Jama Pehnna

خواب میں جامئہ سرخ پہننا یا دیکھنا

To See Wearing Red Pant or Trouser in Dream

When someone sees red wearing in the dream, it means that the person has a danger from a leader or the ruler of that time and the person will face severe issues according to given explanations of such dreams.It highlights the personality and attributes of a person to see trousers and pants in dreams.

Jamha Surkh Pehnana

Khawab Me Surkh Jama Pehnna

Hazrat Ibn-e-Sirin nai farmya hai ka khwab mein kapra ksab or mard ka kam ha.Agar apna kapra acha dekha to daleel ha ka es ka ksab or kam bad ho ga.

According to Islamic Interpretations in Urdu Pants and trousers are signs of an individual's mental and spiritual ability or self-confidence. Many things are symbolized and highlighted by different colors in dreams. A pleasant interpretation is highlighted by the color green, which is also the color of the Jannah. If you see red pants or pants in your dream, you are said to be expressing your internal emotions and you are fearful of losing someone. Furthermore, it displays the excitement and the high degree of emotions you have for someone.

(ج) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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